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Some of my very earliest memories are of being on the kitchen floor 'coloring' with broken crayons my parents kept in an old cigar box. My dad was an art instructor at the local college, and he would collect the leftover broken pieces of crayons from his classroom. They were too small to have any part of the wrappers on them, so the names of the colors were missing. Many of them were very dark, and appeared to be the same color, but their true colors would show up on the white page. All shades of purples and blues and various reds were there, and I would memorize which of the little dark pieces yielded what color.

I am still drawn to color, and I still don't necessarily know all the names of the various paint hues I use. I just grab the one that is 'that color of blue' and I love to mix them until they look like the next color I want to use. I guess I am still just 'coloring' like a kid, and still have just as much fun when I paint as I did in Mom's kitchen as a child. These days I am attracted to Aspen forests, mountain scenes, snowy rivers, and the big skies all around me.


Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you like my paintings.

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