I have been drawing and painting since early childhood and I still get great pleasure and satisfaction from it. Mostly, I paint with oil paints and a palette knife to get a rich, thick, colorful, textured representation of the subjects I paint. This creates a distinctive style that uses exaggerated perspectives and competing scales to create scenes which keep the viewer visually engaged. Implication, imperfection, and suggestion in a painting allow the viewer the fun of visually completing the work.

The creative challenge for me is in finding the right mix of representation and abstraction. I admire both photorealism and abstract art, but my own desire is to create something in the middle of the two. I try to create paintings that represent their subject, but with an abstract quality that adds excitement. I hope my paintings are engaging and appealing from a distance and also when viewed up-close, which is one reason I like the thick texture of oil paint applied with palette knives.

Seldom do I have a finished product in mind when I start a painting. I set out on the creative journey, and go where the process takes me, trying to create an abstracted view of the subjects I see.


The biggest thrill is when viewers like my work.

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